I cant believe it once again: I found this in my DA inbox today:

 Again someone tattooed my design forever on her body. This is SO amazing.
Last time was this one (click me!)
the original
I'm so honored once again! :3
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I participated in the Cute Monsters Design Challenge on DeviantArt! :)
If you want to vote for me CLICK ME please~! ♥

Some workingsteps here:

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Ahri Sketch

As I still play much too much League of Legends I usually draw in my sketchbook now during the loading times and queues (MUCH time if you queue for ranked games sometimes...). So this came up while a night full of LoL games. Ahri modified :)

Should I work that out? I kinda like her face in that one...

Thats the original Ahri artwork

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Chibi – Real.

Tried to draw a small chibi with resembling adult face. Small practice...

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Exercise time!

I have to practice more! Starting here. Next are facial expressions. Original from here.

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Come and get closer...'re invited.


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Lunar Revel workingprogess

What I worked on the last week.
30 hours plus mainly bec of the whole idea changing 100000 times as you can see...
For the League of Legends Lunar Revel Contest.

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My new years resolution: bought a small moleskin (A6 to not scare me off bec of size) and made the decision to scribble in there everyday. So much of crap there will be in at the end of the year I guess but this one from yesterday I kinda like. Will make a digital coloring as well next days I guess just for practice...

Used: highlighter and 0,5 mm pen (photo taken with my iphone; crappy quality inclusive...)

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Work in progess (long progress...)

Hey there, atm Im wasting my time with mor League of Legends and a bit drawing. Got a new graphic tablet so my next one will be one 100% made with PC (Photoshop). Lets see how long it will take this time...2 months instead of 3 please? ;(

Ps.: Guess which champ out of LoL its this time ;)
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Some hints for you.

Last months.

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