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Ive been visiting the connichi on sunday :) Was a hyper spontanoues action so I didnt meet many people I know but I had some nice contacts from driving with the train to Kassel.
My 2nd Cosplay ever is 100% planned, High Priest from Ragnarok Online <3 I have my headgear (white sort of a Kafra Band) and the bow for the back ready, as well as the white belt. The dress is going to be and I ordered some white tights today :D Im so excited, cant wait till its finished and I can wear it on the Frankfurt book fair in 3 weeks!

I so know which cosplay I will do after that as Im playing BioShock at the moment and the game got me <3 I want a Little Sister Cosplay :D Kinda morbid but Id love to look sick on purpose.

I really need to scan some of my (sucky) sketches just to keep this blog alive.

So see you soon.

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KW at: 15. September 2010 um 04:15 hat gesagt…


Mein Gott, das ist ja mal n cooles Cos!

Youdid at: 15. September 2010 um 15:54 hat gesagt…

Find ich auch! :o Ist mal was anderes. So schön blutig und dreckig :D Da fällt man bestimmt im Zug auf dem Weg zur Convention etc noch gleich nochmal soviel auf xD

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