New obsession and sketches

I am so hooked on League of Legends! I play it everyday atm, I used to play it for a short time 1 year ago an now the game has got me back. If you want to add me feel free my summoner name is Narkotikum but notice atm I usually play Karma Kog'Maw or Sona (cause I suck at playing melee champs *cough*)   

So no wonders that I also draw LoL Champs when Im not busy with playing or university or even my privvate life (yes I still have one :D).

Im on a hughe Kog'Maw undersea pic (I bought the monarch skin but still i thought the underwater one would look nicer when coloured with aquarell).
And the Sona sketch...well. It was made without a reference at university so dont take it too serious ;)

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